A film on Sonal Mansingh.

Year of Realease: 2001

Synopsis: The perfect blending of diverse attributes such as courage, sensitivity, tenacity, talent, innovation, creativity, grace, attitude and persuasion can be encapsulated into two words - Social Mansingh. Startlingly individualistic and unconventional in her approach to life, Sonal's insatiable zest for the same is deliciously infections. She is far more than just a dancer and this film provides for the very first time, an insight into the other aspects of her life. It presents her as not just the best known and most innovative classical dancer in India, but also as the strong yet sensitive, and multifaceted individual that she is. Through the film, we capture the very essence that is Social Mansingh.

In the words of that doyen of art critics, Charles Fabri. "Mme. Sonal Mansingh (nee Pakvasa) is one of those novel phenomena in Indian dancing that the magnificent revival of classical dancing has produced in India."

Born in 1944, Sonal has been learning and practising classical dance from the tender age of seven. She began with Manipuri but soon turned to the more classical Bharat Natyam style. She learnt the theory and practice of karanas from Dr. T. N. Ramachandran, a well known Natya Sastra and archeology authority. She graduated in this form under the expert guidance of the famous Mysore teacher-choreographer team of Prof. U. S. Krishna Rao and his talented wife, Sherimati Chandra Bhaga Devi of Bangalore. She learnt the art of Abhinaya from the late Mylapore Goouri Ammal, who taught many of the leading Bharat Natyam exponents of today.

In l968, Sonal came under the care of Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. With rare application and indomitable will, working as a model pupil, Sonal blossomed into one of the best dancers in the Odissi style.

Sonal has been acclaimed as one of those few in India who have brought an intellectual approach to dance as a creative art. Her dance is characterised by purity of style, truth and integrity in projection an a delicate forging of the nuance of Laya and Abhinaya to exude and etherial fragrance and spiritual aura

The word difficult does not exist in her dictionary, and she continues her relentless search for a deeper and more evolved insight into life, than she already possesses.


Golden Lotus – Best Documentary 2002 (National Award)

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