THE HINDUSTAN TIMES: New Delhi, India, June 5, 1987. It is a tale of avarice. The theme is very old, but Prakash Jha's presentation is refreshingly new.
Parinati is a simple, yet splendid, work, It is an art, not stark, film. It has life, drama, beauty, originality. The only (big) thing that goes against it - commercially - is the lack of filmi frills.

PATRIOT: New Delhi, India 1987. Prakash Jha's new feature film 'Parinati' - (The Inevitable result) is a fascinating movie that captures not only the stark beauty of the Rajasthani sand dunes but also powerfully portrays the inherent tragedy that always follows an obsessive greed to acquire wealth at any cost.
The locale .... plus the director's own expertise and the good performance by the accomplished leading pair - Vasant Josalkar and Surekha Sikri of the NSD - all contributed to make it the strong cinema that it is.

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