Parinati - The Inevitable

A film based on a folk-tale from Rajasthan.

Year of Realease: 1986

Cast: Basant Josalkar, Surekha Sikri, Sudhir Kulkarni, Nandita Das

Synopsis: Based on a folk-tale from Rajasthan 'Parinati' deals with the inherent tragedy of human avarice, which must inevitably lead to self-destruction.

Ganesh, the protagonist, is a potter who leads a happy and contented life in a remote village in a ternate time. The only ambition he and his wife Kurjan share is to get their only son Laxman married and bring a daughter-in- law home.

Destiny, however, has ordained otherwise. Ganesh is hand picked for his honesty and dedication by a local charitable Seth to become the caretaker of his Dharmashala (Inn) in the middle of the desert. There, Ganesh and Kurjan meet a wealthy couple, who are greatly pleased with their service and hospitality. They offer to take their son Laxman to distant lands, teach him trade and make him fabulously rich.

To Ganesh and his wife the idea is outrageous. How can they part with their only son and what for? They don't need to get rich.

But the net has been cast. The trader paints a golden future. They begin to dream of riches. Why must they deprive their son of such an opportunity? They persuade themselves to let Laxman go.

Ganesh and Kurjan are left behind pining for their son. They begin to feel that had they been rich, they would not have parted company with their beloved son. Becoming wealthy becomes an obsession with them. Their soul is corrupted with desire and from here it is a tale of bloodshed and havoc that their insatiable greed wreaks on the unsuspecting travellers who come to stay at the inn from far and wide. The mirage of riches leads them slowly, but surely, to the inevitable outcome that awaits them at the far and of the horizon.

Blinded by desire they destroy everything. Even their son for whom they have been waiting for twelve long years.


1. Silver Lotus - Best Costume Design - 1988 (National Award)

2. Presented as An Outstanding Film at the LONDON FILM FESTIVAL - 19S8.

Parinati Press Clip

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