A film on Jayapraqkash Narayan.

Year of Realease: 2004

Synopsis: Jayaprakash Nrayan, fondly called Loknayak, will go down in the annals of history as the man who single-handedly secured for India her second freedom.

Emergency was declared on the 25th of June 1975. And the threat of a Shattered democracy loomed large. Jayaprakash Narayan, an ailing man of 73, struggled to free India from this threat of dictatorship. Arrested many times over and tortured while he fought for India Independence in the 1930s and 1940s; little did he know that 28 years after India became independent he would have to rise from the ashes and fight again.....

He began his life as a firebrand nationalist and became an avowed Marxist while he was studying in the US. On returning to India he pursued the path of Democratic Socialism within the ambit of the Indian National Congress. He was a revolutionary freedom fighter, often opposed to the Congress stance of "compromise."

After Independence his party (National Socialist Party) severed ties with the Congress and fought the first General Election. But the party fared poorly.

The 1952 election defeat of his party was a turning point in JP's life. He stepped back from the political arena and devoted his energies to constructive social work and evolved into a Gandhian.

After twenty years of working in the Bhoodan movement, it was the student unrest due to ineffective governance that drew him back into the active political arena.

He led the movement against Indira Gandhi and was imprisoned during Emergency.

Once released, he cobbled together a motley opposition and fought against Indira.

He won. The Janta Party came into power in 1977. But more importantly it was a victory for democracy and the defeat of dictatorship.

Loknayak is the story of a man who was always in pursuit of greater political and social good. It is the story of a humble man who struggled endlessly for his beliefs and ideals. A man who staked his life many times over for the country but never sought any political position or power in return. With an ideology that evolved continuously over time. JP was a man unafraid of change. He was courageous enough to realize that greater than any ideology is the greater good of man.

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