Hip Hip Hurray

A story about sports and sportsmanship.

Year of Realease: 1983

Cast: Raj Kiran, Deepti Naval, Shafi Inamdar, Deepa

Synopsis: This is a film about a sportsman who is a computer engineer or a computer engineer who is a sportsman, Sandeep Chowdhary. He had finished his studies, has been selected at a n interview but is caught in that waiting period between his selection and appointment which is expected to be a few months.

Uma, his girlfirend since his college days is also a career minded girl and keep very busy with her work. She handles her company's export business and is likely to go to America for a long time - It is then that at his uncle's suggestion Sandeep temporarily takes up the job for the sports instructor in Ranchi.

At Ranchi Sandeep finds himself in an alien enviroment which is quite apathetic, in general and towards sports in particular. He finds himself an intruder among the other teachers and to some of the students who have come to look upon the sports class as a kind of holiday. But not everybody is aloof. Especially not the history teacher, Miss Anuradha Roy. A relationship begins to develop.

Tis relationship is none to the liking of a young Raghu who has an adolescent crush on his history teacher. Raghu is a "tough kid" a leader and has a small gang of other students about him. He and his friends play good football but they will not work for Sandeep. He instigates some of the students into a series of skirmishes with Sandeep.

In this situation arrives an invitation to a football match with Sandeep accepts as a matter of course. He is discouraged by all the other teachers and is told of their 12 nil beating at the last tournament but he goes ahead with the preparations for the match. Raghu and his friends however, stay away and refuse to co-operate and participate.

Meanwhile his relationship with Anuradha grows as Uma, his girlfriend in Bombay leaves for America.

The match is played and lost again by 12 goals. The victors gloat. Humiliated and desparied, Sandeep demands a return match which is rejected at first but Anuradha manages to get it fixed up.

Everybody, including the Principal objects to the rematch but Sandeep stands firm and encourages his team to practise harder. A chance rescue of some of the students from goondas helps him win the co-operation and these boys who have been Raghu's pals begin participating with the team. Finding himself left alone, Raghu becomes desperate and turns violent. Sandeep, however shows tremendous understanding and finally Raghu too is won over.

The boys put their heart into the game and continue to practice, undeterred by the problems which keeps cropping up. And finally when the match is played, Sandeep and his team win as Raghu leads them to victory.

This victory acts as a spark that rekindles enthusiasm for sports in the school. And Sandeep can return to Bombay and devote his time to Computer Engineering. There are, however, other loose ends and knots to tie and he shall return yet again..


All India Film Awards Association - 1984 (Best Director)


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